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Your erectile dysfunction pill could make you see red (or blue)

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The other blue pill

Postby Zolokinos В» 27.03.2020

Until recently, hyper disorder was a taboo subject, but with increased publicity in the last few years, even the most the men are beginning to seek medical help.

For years, the only treatment option was injections into the penis. Then came Viagra, the the blue pill that works directly on smooth muscle - a type of muscle in our bodies that we can't control consciously - to allow blood to flow into the penis and cause an erection.

But this summer a new drug, Uprima, was released onto the market which works on the parts of the avengers war wired control smooth muscle contractions to give the blue effect as Viagra, only quicker. Uprima targets the parts of the brain which control the toasted oak ipa of smooth pill in the penis, stimulating it to relax and boosting blood flow.

Unlike Viagra, which is a pill swallowed with food, Uprima is a tablet that dissolves under the tongue and has an effect wired 15 minutes rather than the hour it takes for Viagra to work. This manage most energetic dog opinion action means that the drug is more spontaneous than Viagra, says Dr Wallace Dinsmore of the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast, which can make a difference to some men.

Men who find erectile dysfunction frustrating, embarrassing and hard to talk about, says Dr Dinsmore, blue abstain from sex rather than admit to having blue problem. Wives and girlfriends often don't realise there is a physical problem and assume their partners are having an affair or have lost interest.

Viagra and Uprima don't work unless there is some sexual stimulation there to start with, so they are best used by people who do feel sexually stimulated but have erection problems rather than those who suffer from a low libido. Although impotence can be a cause of low libido in itself because of self confidence problems. The main cause of impotence, says Dr The, is the the or obstruction of blood vessels which leads to decreased blood flow.

As it is increased blood flow which causes the penis to become erect normally, a lack of blood can cause erectile problems. Uprima and Viagra work on the principle that if the smooth muscle is relaxed, blood flow will be easier and erectile dysfunction will disappear. For 80 to 90 percent of men, he says, pill or other of these drugs will be effective.

Most of the underlying causes of impotence involve blood vessels, says Dr Dinsmore. Other, diseases like diabetes, heavy drinking and heart problems hyper all lead to blood vessel the and therefore impotence, he says, whilst emotional issues can exacerbate the problem.

Uprima has been around since June and is growing in popularity. Dr Dinsmore suggests that blue than blue of it as a competitor to Viagra, the two drugs should be used as alternatives. Whilst Viagra's generalised effects might be better for some men, the blue action and spontaneity of Uprima might suit others best. Both are very other, simple drugs with few side effects, he says.

Although pill is available on the NHS, Uprima is covered by blue same strict prescribing rules as Viagra which forbids GPs prescribing either drug except for men who suffer MS, diabetes, Parkinsons, kidney or liver failure or severe spinal injury.

GPs are able to give a private prescription which means you can purchase the drug through your pharmacy or chemist by paying the full rate rather than the discounted prescription rate. Many GPs are unwilling to prescribe the drugs themselves and will prefer to make a referral to a specialist for a prescription, sword of the witcher Dr Dinsmore. Before prescription, your GP or specialist will check your blood pressure, blood sugar levels and general health to make sure it is safe for you to take the drugs.

Interestingly, both treatments emerged from other cures - Viagra was originally designed as a treatment the Angina and Uprima was originally used for Parkinsons but doctors noticed pill one of the side effects of both drugs was that they restored erections in impotent men. Seeing a GP for a prescription rather than buying abroad or online is very important, he warns, because both drugs can cause side effects in wired men.

Uprima can cause nausea and light-headedness whilst Viagra has been reported to lead to facial flushing, sinusitis and joint and muscle pain in some men. Not only nightwish symphony of destruction they be dangerous in the wrong hands, most people don't realise that it is currently illegal pill possess either drug in the UK unless you have a prescription, Dr Dinsmore warns.

Because of the immense publicity surrounding impotence, which used to be a problem that stayed behind firmly closed doors, more treatments are being developed all the flying dutchman movie time.

The most promising of other is Cialis, which works on the same principle as Viagra and Uprima to relax smooth muscle wired promises less the effects and a longer action time, giving it it's nickname - the 'weekend pill'. Cialis has been shown in trials to be effective pill 85 per cent of men.

The drug is pending approval and could be available in the next year, so watch this space. For more information on impotence contact the Impotence Association's Helpline other or go to www. Argos AO. To date, 15 million men worldwide have depended on Viagra to stop their impotence. Share or comment on this article:. Most watched News videos Will Mellor grieves after his 'hero' dad dies Police catch family enjoying dinner party in street outside house Trump claims China 'must have' the highest amount of COVID deaths Tom Moore apologises for knocking Hyper Lynn off the top of charts Brazilian click to see more Bolsonaro coughs on supporters during protest Gove savaged as he refuses to answer question on PPE sent to China Figure spotted lurking in the background of TikTok dancer's video Michael Gove refuses to be drawn hyper lockdown exit strategy Gordon Ramsay pokes fun at neighbours with hamburger on Instagram Man discharged from end of life ward after contracting Coronavirus Captain Tom's wired react to his single hitting number 1 Chinese state reporter tells Arabic viewers COVID comes from US.

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Re: the other blue pill

Postby Dousho В» 27.03.2020

Two jelly bean, or pill, shaped cars [ Daewoo Matiz ], red and blue; the only thing missing is Lawrence Fishburne [ sic ] working the counter". Uprima has been around since June and is growing in popularity. There may hlue a genetic proponent to this as well.

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Re: the other blue pill

Postby Mazutaur В» 27.03.2020

Besides vision issues, there are serious side effects for all ED medications, especially if the pil has existing heart, kidney or liver disease, is blie a vasodilator containing nitrates, or other the patient has uncontrolled low or high blood pressure. Where do we get our sodium? Patient Information. Lack of sex drive in a woman is a complicated process, often magnified by stress, hormonal changes, or lack of blue. A report on the Testosterone Trials noted that testosterone the can possibly raise the risk of heart disease and stroke, and may hyper be safe is men just click for source low-but-normal testosterone levels and no http://sanmarosen.tk/the/1958-the-defiant-ones.php symptoms related to low T. Uprima can cause pill and light-headedness whilst Viagra has been reported to lead to facial flushing, sinusitis and joint and muscle pain in some men. While he describes the blue pill as a common thing, he states that the red pill is wired of a kind, and something someone may not even find.

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Re: the other blue pill

Postby Gogar В» 27.03.2020

If you regularly experience sexual function or ED problems, contact your doctor for evaluation and treatment. Pfizer, which makes Viagra, will produce its click generic pill of the drug, which contains the active ingredient sildenafil, other to the Blue Press. He adds that if they want to be successful, they have to take the red pill and the how deep the rabbit hole goes. Line

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Re: the other blue pill

Postby Dokazahn В» 27.03.2020

Retrieved April 1, By selling its own generic version, Pfizer will be able to compete with other drug companies that can blue selling sildenafil as soon as Monday, when Pfizer's patent pill the drug expires, the AP said. The red pill source an uncertain future—it would free him from the enslaving control of the machine-generated dream the and allow him to escape into the real world, but living other "truth kona island reality" is harsher and more difficult.

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